• May 11, 2021

The Tip of South Africa: Cape Town

Cape Town might not be the largest city of South Africa but it certainly receives the most amounts of tourists than any other city in the country. Cape Town sits in the most southern part of the continent of Africa and provides both scenic beauty and a number of tourist attractions and activities.

A trip to South Africa is incomplete without visiting Cape Town. In fact, it’s the first place you should add to your schedule when you head to the country. Cape Town, like most of the country, isn’t the safest of places so you need to do your research about which places you should keep away from and what times you should tour the city.

Bear in mind, South Africa has summers in the months of November to January and winters from May to August. It can get pretty hot in the day during the summer season and moderately cold in the winters.

Things to See in Cape Town

Bo-Kaap is the place to go if you’re a sucker for pretty Instagram pictures, film shoots or just to quench your aesthetic thirst. This little neighborhood has geometrical, colorful houses lining the streets. The buildings and mosques are all vibrant and a perfect place to visit for some eye candy.

Cape Town is also known for its historical landmarks. One of the more popular ones is the Castle of Good Hope, the oldest castle of the city. Now it plays hosts to wineries, restaurants and an educational tour.

Some other places to check out in the city are the Rhodes Memorial, the South African Parliament and the Two Oceans Aquarium.

Activities in Cape Town

A number of museums offer an insight into the culture and history of South Africa. The Bo-Kaap Museum, the District Six Museum, South African National Gallery, the Slave lodge and the Galleria Gibello are some prominent names.

Tourists also enjoy taking a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain and this particular activity is probably the most popular one in the city. The Table Mountain overlooks the scenic landscape of the city. You could also choose to hike up to the Table Mountain which is another activity tourists enjoy.

Wine tasting, shark cage diving, surfing and deep sea fishing are other popular activities that you can do in Cape Town.

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